Do jewelry business for more than 5 years, I did not feel tired before 2015, this year I feel very tired, I always do the best, but the keywords ranking on page 13, never change, I saw the money into our account, but it is not mine, I feel very bad, two months of hard work, in addition to disappointment nothing.


Desire is good for most people, but not for me. I want my copy bvlgari jewelry, replica jewelry and jewelry online store to rank first on For this, I always work all night, I tell myself, I just don't work hard enough, I think it's a comfort to myself, but what should I do?


Tomorrow I will go to shenzhen for two weeks to find some good things to do online business. Hope all is well and when I go back, I hope I can see a good ranking of my bulgari jewelry copy website. And this website will be my last online jewelry store. I hope this trip to shenzhen can help me succeed.