Hermes jewelry designer Pierre hardy since 2002, served as director of brand jewelry design, exclusive to hermes brand spirit, each season is a great ingenuity and creative new creation, use rose gold, white gold set with white diamonds, brown material such as drilling, a series of jewelry design allows you to easily wearing ladies style not intentionally used the wearer to highlight the value of the jewelry itself.

Hermes bracelet?? There is a great feature is silver jewelry, initially as a sling production brand, more than 100 years ago, the brand is the first production with silver sling goods. From the horse title, stirrups, to a variety of related harness, are handmade artisans with silver materials, but also according to the customer tailored to the horse. So, to this day hermes jewelry silver jewelry is still a very important collection, from hermes rings,?? From hermes bracelets to necklaces, hermes offers a wide range of silver accessories for selected customers.

Hermes fine jewelry and the first thought of good design is to be cut in accordance with the design and gem and other different characteristics, rather than printing the size is generally to look at jewelry, then the biggest benefit of fashion design style, the difference between two different methods in the cost of goods and brand design spirit. PierreHardy jewelry is designed for everyday wear with shapes that can be added to the concept of dailyjewelry, whether it's timeless classic, simple lines or deliberately amplified modern proportions, so women can wear and wear easily depending on the occasion.