In the world of gems, diamonds are recognized as the king of gems. Diamonds of Class IIa diamond quality are among the most impressive. They only account for less than 2% of the world’s existing diamonds, and have an innocent rare quality and clarity. Among the new RÉSONANCES DE CARTIER high-end jewellery collections, Cartier designers, gemmologists and craftsmen “incubated” the ADIANTE necklace inspired by the elegant wire ferns in the Cartier jewelry workshop: bright and rose-cut Diamonds are meticulously mounted on them, exquisitely outlined glittering glimmers and crystal clear drops of dew. A DIP IIa diamond weighing 20.04 carats slides down the slender stems and green leaves and becomes the most beloved, fully demonstrating romantic naturalism.

The MURMURE necklace in the RÉSONANCES DE CARTIER high-end jewelry collection is another representative work of Cartier jewelry based on precious stones. A rare 40.33-carat red tourmaline triggered the designer’s creative trend. Using the skeleton structure in architecture, Cartier designed black lacquer and diamonds to outline the leaf-shaped design. The round beaded red tourmaline and the cabochon cut the red tourmaline. Black and white opposites show jumping effect. The whole necklace is like a clever musical instrument, and beat out harmonious notes.