Mr. Chen Ruilin longevity lock Hermes creative director to design inspiration for the image he began to appreciate the ancient Chinese works of art and pictures, notes that longevity lock jewelry is a common tradition, men and women are free to wear in the Qing Dynasty particularly popular. Further inquiry found that the depth of the people behind the jewelry, in fact, has a very rich meaning.


Longevity lock since it is “locked”, it has a symbolic meaning of peace and protection. In ancient China, its shape is also reminiscent of the magic of “wishful grass”, according to legend this grass has a mysterious power, its image has often appeared in various traditional art and crafts. hermes h bracelet replica and “” is from the “ideal” pronunciation, a symbol of “good luck, a dream come true”, carrying hope everything smooth and easy, the expression of a better life and hope for things.
hermes h series, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, all carefully crafted in 18K white gold and inlaid with E or F color grade diamonds and rubies, in full or half-paved with mosaic-paved way. The series has always been adhering to the brand Qeelin focus on every detail of each piece, and each one is a masterpiece.