I hope you can regain your confidence and continue to believe in love. The younger ones around me talked about four or five times of love in three months Knockoff Replica Cartier Jewelry. Talking about a love is like eating a fast food replica cartier love rings, eating and drinking enough, patting the butt and leaving, leaving the messy scene who cleans up, who cleans up? Perhaps different eras have given different definitions of love, why bother to consider others with their own values. But I still look forward to the love of a person who is not in love. Whether you have talked about ten or eight, and loved a hundred thousand, but no one really loved it, you are still a poor pity in love. Good love is not how many people you love, but someone who is willing to reject everyone for you. If you meet the right person, you are willing to be an enemy of the whole world. He is also willing to win the whole world for you. Engels said that class produces love. This is a bit like what our ancestors said. From a rational point of view, before falling in love, the two will always analyze each other’s external image, family background, personal achievements, and future development prospects. After some consideration, we will explore the inner qualities of personality and humanity. After this struggle, we will enter the stage of love. Some people may say that love is no reason, but is there really no reason? Men say the reality of women now, and they are thinking about marrying rich people. Women say that men are superficial and they are looking for young and beautiful women. But from a biological point of view, both men and women are just looking for better genes, so that good genes can be passed on. This is an animal instinct. It’s just that people have ideas and will make reasonable choices. Some people choose to laugh in bicycles. Some people choose to cry in a BMW. Of course, most people don’t even have the chance to cry in a BMW. They can only choose people with better conditions. They are all free people with thoughts. No one blames anyone, no one blames anyone. Moreover, we have not been like this for thousands of years. Even if love falls grey in the season, your eyes should be translucent, and your heart still has the original look of love. Young people who work alone outside will inevitably have a day when they have nothing. Even if you have nothing now, you must believe and believe in everything.