We’ve discussed different periods in jewelry style, but those are extremely specific. General terms to classify the age of a piece are easier to remember and useful to understand when shopping for a unique piece. A piece may be labelled as antique, when it is actually vintage and this can lead to an inflated price to an unknowing customer.

Typically, vintage pieces are those that are over 20-30 years old. It may come as a shock that a piece from 1995 can be considered vintage! However, the term is usually applied to pieces from the ’20s through’80s. With such a wide range of dates, there are many different Cheap Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra jewelry styles that can be considered vintage. This includes retro. Retro can be a confusing term for some because it has a different meaning in clothing fashion than in replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. In fashion, retro indicates a fashion that imitates a past trend. For example, retro ’60s fashion is modern clothing made to imitate styles from the ’60s. The term can also be used to indicate clothing styles in even the recent past.
However, Fake Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry is jewelry from the mid ’30 to mid ’40s. During the Depression era, instead of jewelry taking on a conservative and demure style, it trended the opposite. At the height of Hollywood glamour, jewelry was big, bold and extravagant. Other vintage styles include Art Deco, Modern and Mid Century Moder