Frankly speaking, I adore Cartier because the Cartier design is simple but elegant, vintage but modern. I like Cartier more when I know about the stories behind the collection, but the fancy price makes me a surprise. I tried searching some similar models in online shops and find them. These online shops will produce the same models made of gold and diamonds or silver and gemstones according to the demands of customers. After asking some details, I was determined to order some pieces what I like better made of silver and man-made zircon. I was surprised at their quality and craftsmanship after they arrived. I know they’re fake, but it’s enough that they fit me well and make me happy. I directly told them it’s fake when some asked about my necklace. Some criticized what I did, but I don’t care. I don’t often buy replicas unless I like some items very much. I think to buy a replica is a piece of cake, so we don’t make a fuss. I just like those styles.


It is well-known that Cartier is a French jeweler and watchmaker, and it deserves the title “the king in jewelry circle”. “Amulette” means the talisman in French, so Amulette De Cartier is one of the most popular jewelry as soon as it comes in the market. A piece of Amulette De Cartier jewelry is like a talisman bringing girls good luck. You believe something beautiful first, then you will get it hopefully. For girls, the jewelry with beautiful meanings always works well. I often see Amulette De Cartier on TV and internet and in the apartment stores. Cartier selects and uses precious metals and natural gems to express the wish. Available in opal, lapis, malachite, carnelian, chrysoprase, mother of pearl, onyx or diamond style. I only love the Amulette De Cartier diamond necklace.


The Galanterie De Cartier diamond necklace was lunched in October of 2019. Cartier used Art DECO and symmetric geometric patterns to show high end craft and beauty of urban ladies. Comparing with the Amulette De Cartier diamond necklace, it enhances ladies’ elegance and charm. The replica Galanterie De Cartier diamond neck I ordered is made of 925 silver and white zircon, very beautiful.