The corn replica van Cleef arpels alhambra necklace is not only lovely, mainly rich and beautiful, which is loved by us. People wearing jade and jade jewelry feel lively and smart, which not only reflects the vitality of young people, but also makes old people yearn for vitality. The sculptor is really fantastic, jade carving into corn, is really unique novelty, looking at the lovely appearance of the jade, really let people fondly. The van cleef arpels alhambra necklace mimes its beautiful instrumentation meaning: the corn seed is more fully arranged for offspring, the large leaves that wrap around the corn seed indicate wealth, the ears on top are elegant, auspicious, and age (ear ears) safe. The golden corn implied the golden jade manchang, its cultural connotation: grain harvest, more than every year, fruitful, successful fame. Peace and happiness. The corn pendant represents the harvest, means the career is smooth, blessing people's commercial life harvest. ", corn as the prototype shape is full, a few leaves wrapped around the full corn seeds, vivid. Meaning more than a child's blessing, a corn contains a lot of corn kernels, so the corn since ancient times has gold full house, descendants, business prosperity, age and good meaning of equality.